Investment Management

Banco Comercial Português

Banco Comercial Português( BCP ) is the largest listed bank in Portugal. It was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Lisbon. It is mainly engaged in a wide range of banking activities and related financial services. Portuguese commercial banks have a large banking network and have established business networks in Romania, Poland, Greece, Mozambique, Angola, the United States, Turkey, Switzerland and Macao, China.

Zhejiang MYbank

Founded in June 2015, Zhejiang MYbank is one of the first pilot private banks in China. Mybank is the first one in China to build the core system on the FinCloud. Based on the FinCloud computing platform, Mybank is able to deal with highly concurrent financial transactions, massive big data and flexible expansion, and take advantage of the Internet and big data to provide financial services for more small and micro enterprises.


Beijing Situ Vision Technologies Co. Ltd. was founded in July 2016, of which the most mentioned “SEEK TRUTH”, is being regarded as the leading brand of financial AI technology domestically. In line with the demands of the big data era, SEEK TRUTH is committed to exploiting and utilizing the AI technology over financial business scenarios. Improving financial services through innovative integration of AI technology and financial business, and thus achieving reconstruction of traditional financial business scenarios by AI, are the two valuable goals for the company.

The company's core operating team is led by a financial expert with over 10 year experience in risk management of large-scale commercial banks. Aiming to integrate AI technology into financial business industrially, the team members have profound knowledge on financial credit products and risk control concepts, which make the team fully aware of financial credit scenarios and risk control.