Business Account

While building a complete set of trading fund account system for the supply chain industry, we provide the platform and platform users with the integration of total account opening, account binding and authentication verification, deposit and withdrawal, guarantee payment, fund clearing, fund reconciliation and other fund management service We also help to establish account systems that meet regulatory requirements, making transaction payments transparent.

Business Example

  • 01

    Transaction Preparation

    Buyer/ Seller Registration of Platform Member

  • 02

    Transaction in Process

    The buyer selects the goods to place an order and prepays the payment (the seller delivers the goods within the specified time)

  • 03

    Transaction Confirmation

    The buyer receives the goods and confirms payment

  • 04

    Transaction Completed

    The fund is transferred to the seller’s account and the seller withdraws the fund.

Product Value

  • Comply with regulatory
  • Improve the platform's financial
    accounting efficiency
  • Aggregate payment channels
  • Provide comprehensive financial
    service solutions

Cross-border Payment

We provide centralized collection and payment of funds involved in cross-border internet payment and related foreign exchange settlement and sales services for both parties of e-commerce (trade in goods or services) through banks and overseas institutions.

Product Value

  • Support both cross-border RMB and foreign exchange
  • The purchase and settlement of foreign exchange services with flexible settlement
  • Full currency coverage and free exchange
  • Convenient payment
  • Real-time foreign exchange operation with no exchange loss risk
  • Simple network access with flexible options of interface
  • Wide coverage of customs / ports
  • Full payment

Business Partners