Xingyi Finance

Xingxin Pay
Purchase order financing products based on transaction data credit.
  • Customer Base

    1. Distributor of core enterprises

    2. Customers of B2B e-commerce platforms

  • Duration of Credit:

    Valid for a long time (according to post-loan assessment)

  • Loan Period:

    Up to 90 days, automatic settlement with borrowing and repayment

  • Features:

    Online application, Online approval, Online lending, Revolving loan

Xingxin Loan
Credit products of multi-dimensional data evaluation.
  • CustomerBase:


  • Duration of Credit:

    3 period / 6period / 9 period / 12 period

  • Features:

    Online application, Online approval, Online lending, Unlimited usage scenario

Xingxin Factoring
Factoring products based on core enterprise receivables.
  • Customer Base:

    1. Upstream and downstream enterprises of core enterprises

    2. MSMEs, Sci-Tech innovation enterprise

  • Duration of Credit:

    Up to 12 months

  • Method of Repayment:

    Flexible, following period of account

  • Features:

    Online application, Online approval, Online lending, Blockchain-based verification


Fosun Financial Blockchain Group is one of the first batch governing units to join the China Blockchain Industry and Development Forum (organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology of PRC), participate in the development of international industry standards, lead the development of domestic blockchain standards (cross -chain), and carry out blockchain application layout and landing in supply chain, finance, health, bidding, blockchain games and other fields.
Fosun Financial blockchain’s core product "XINGRONG Chain" digital asset supply chain financial service platform digitizes the physical assets in the supply chain ecosystem, realizes the mutual trust mechanism among the core enterprises, the funders and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain, develops a new supply chain financing model for small and medium-sized enterprises, and continues to empower the industry with financial technology.
"XINGRONG Chain" Digital asset supply
chain financial service platform

Safe and reliableSplitting flexibly

Credit extensionOnline operationInstant access

  • Leading industry standards

    Governing unit of China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum of MIIT

  • Advantages of innovative technology

    Technological innovation in privacy protection, multi chain support, smart-contract management and other aspects

  • Flexible platform architecture

    Perfectly support for HyperChain, Fabric, BCOS and other mainstream underlying frameworks

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